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About OYDN Leasing & Property Management

Company Information

OYDN Leasing & Property Management is a registered Provincial corporation founded in 2009. It is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario and has long term plans to add offices throughout Canada.


OYDN Leasing & Property Management is a Real Estate Investing and Property Management Company committed to providing people an affordable, alternate method of buying a home. OYDN L&P assists people who have the need to buy a home and have had problems acquiring one through traditional financing.


  • Purchase Lease Options
  • Sandwich Lease Options
  • 2nd Mortgages
  • RRSP Mortgages
  • Property Management
  • Investors Products


  • Assist people to purchase a home through our rent-to-own program.
  • Assist in repairing bruised credit.
  • Purchase homes from owners who have had trouble selling their home by providing the option for someone to rent-to-own their home.
  • Provide investors passive income by managing their real estate investment for them.