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Buying a Home by Renting To Own!

Rent to Own (RTO) is an alternative way to buying a home. You can find your dream home and rent it for the term of the Lease. Roughly 20% of the total rent goes towards your down payment for when you purchase the home at a later date. People love this option as it allows them to live in the home of their choosing and build equity through rent, rather than living in an apartment and putting money in someone else's pocket. We are committed to selling you this home at the end of the Lease and do what we can to ensure you can purchase it at the end of the term. We also offer a Credit Repair Specialist to work with you through your Credit problems as our business is to get you into a home that you can afford.

How Does It Work?

  • You need to have a small down payment for the Option to purchase the home. If you don't have any money to put down, we do offer a payment plan(call for details).
  • We'll go through a pre-qualification to ensure that you can benefit from the program.
  • You'll then fill out an application form to start the qualification process.
  • Once qualified we create a profile for you and pair you with an Investor.
  • Once the investor and you are paired, then our Realtor will work with you to find your dream home!
  • We take care of all of the negotiations and paperwork for you.
  • All you need to do is move in to your Dream Home at closing and at the end of the Lease Own Your Dream Home!

Example of a home with a purchase price of $250,000 for a 3 Year Lease

Lease Option

RTO Months

Down Payment Goal

Initial Down Payment

Total Down Required

36 5% $5,000 $14,470



Purchase Price

Future Price

Monthly Rent

Monthly Rent Credits

$250,000 $289,406 $1,986 $263


***The numbers above are an example and may vary depending on deposit size, down payment goal and current interest rates

All Rent prices, Rent Credit prices, and Purchase prices will not be raised or lowered during the time of your Lease and will be legally documented in a Lease & Purchase Option Agreement. We always request you to seek legal advice from your own Lawyer to ensure that you are comfortable with all the Agreements.


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