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Welcome to OwnYourDreamNow.ca!

OYDN Leasing & Property Management is a Real Estate Investing and Property Management Company committed to providing people an affordable, alternate method of buying a home.  We assists people who have the need to buy a home and have had problems acquiring one through traditional financing.


We are helping people realize their dreams. Our programs are designed to help people who would not be approved for a  traditional mortgage. You may have a history of bad credit or you may have even experienced a bankruptcy. Or maybe, because of your type of work, you cannot produce any proof of income.


If you are like most people, selling a home can be a very stressful process. If you are under emotional or financial pressure and haven't been able to sell your home... stress levels can go up.  We understand these problems and we make it our job to find a workable, win/win solution for people such as your self.


Real Estate can be one of the safest and best investments, when done properly. We currently have available secure, high yield, investments for the right investor. These investments are secured by real estate and could provide 12%-53% annual return on investment, depending on the type of investment you are interested in.