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Investing With Rent-To-Own


As you may know, real estate is one of the safest ways to invest your money. Why do you think all of the wealthy people in the world own real estate? It is certainly not because it's a nice to have. With our Rent-To-Own program you can invest your money and can expect a 13% to 55% ROI annually! Certainly better than any mutual fund or secret stock pick that someone told you about. Even if you don't have any Money but have RRSP's we can invest those too!


An RTO Investor can expect

  • Monthly Cash Flow
  • Instant Equity
  • Hands Free Investment
  • Quality Tenant for 3-5 Years
  • Great ROI
  • No calls in the middle of the night


We go through a qualification process for every Tenant Buyer who wishes to Rent-To-Own through us. So you can breathe  easy knowing your Investment is being taken care of. Want to get started? Contact Us


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