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Selling Your Home

We specialize in selling homes using our Rent-To-Own program to provide "win-win" solutions for Tenant-Buyers and Sellers. 

Benefits of selling your home through our Rent-To-Own program are:

  • We are offer Fair Market Value for your property.
  • No Realtors, so you save money on their fees.
  • No fee's from us.
  • We'll Market your home on local web sites and ours.
  • Larger buyer market available due to our Rent-To-Own program.
  • Quality tenants living in your property. They are qualified through our system and they are focused on owning the home so it will be well taken care of.
  • All maintenance and repairs are taken care of by OYDN Leasing & Property Management and the Tenant-Buyer.
  • Long tenancy as the Tenant-Buyers typically sign 3-5 year Leases.
  • We pay your bills to hold the mortgage (Principal, Interest, Property Tax and Insurance)
  • Help Sellers to qualify for a new mortgage because you have a lease contract on your property.

This is also very helpful for people in these situations

  • Landlords who do not like dealing with Tenants and the stresses of being a Landlord.
  • People who are about to be in a Power of Sale or Foreclosure.
  • Can't afford to pay Realtor fees.
  • The Property is in Awful Condition and can't sell.

Contact us and we'll give you an offer on your home 24 hours after seeing it.